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It'z an amazing and very exciting moment for me that I am launching first product from the platform of "Ganim Studio". Basically through out the development of this game I was focusing on the graphics.. I tried my best but still I have not achieved the grahics that I wanted. By the way this game is cool and awesome. There would be alot of zombies games in market but the unique thing in "Call Of Zombies" is we are giving the idea that zombies are the bad people of our society. These are the people who snatches the rights of poors. In simple words these are the corrupt people. And you have to play the game and kill all of these corrupt people and you have to save your homeland..
I have started working on the second version of this game. Just working on the enviroment . Yiou will see it soon..
What I need from you is just your orayers and support please keep visiting my site..
CEO Ganim Studio

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